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Mobile Crusher

The Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant is not limited to the location of crushing operation, and it reduces the cost of material transportation.

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VSI Crushers

While most other crushers reduce rocks by pushing them by force against metal, VSI crushers also use the rock fed into the machine to crush itself.

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  • Magnetic Separation Rack Pricing

    2020-06-02· MicroPlate Magnetic Separation Rack. Inexpensive, lightweight and sturdy Magnetic Separation Racks for 96 well microplates.

  • Magnetic Plates for Microplates Magnetic Bead

    There are many different microplate manufacturers and each of them incorporates unique structural features into their plates. Features of the skirt, the shape of the wells, to the injection "gates" under the microplate. These are all things that we consider when choosing the right magnetic bead separation device for your microplate.

  • IMAG Handheld Magnetic Separation Devices

    Ordering Information Cat. No. Description Qty/Unit IMAG™-12T Handheld magnetic separation device for 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0 mL screw cap tubes 1 IMAG-96P Handheld magnetic separation device for 96 well microplates 1 IMAG Handheld Magnetic Separation Devices Compatibility Guide The IMAG MSDs have been optimized for different AxyPrep™ Mag protocols.

  • Magnetic Stand-96 Thermo Fisher Scientific

    The Magnetic Stand-96 is designed for paramagnetic bead precipitation from standard 96-well, U-bottom microplates and 0.2 mL PCR plates with no additional accessories. The stand has a white polyoxymethylene (POM) base in standard SBS 96-well microplate

  • VP 771HH-LA- Flick and Blot Magnetic Separation Plate for

    Magnetic Bead Separation Block, handheld, for 96 well PCR microplates (full, half skirt) and 96 well microplates (flat, U-, V-bottom wells), 24 round post 52 MGO NdFeB magnets, white polycarbonate magnet frame, polypropylene base with gripper and adjustable microplate clips.

  • Magnetic Bead Separation for Every Microplate V&P

    Magnetic Bead Separation Block for 96 well standard microplates with flat-, round- or V-bottom wells. White polycarbonate magnet frame. SBS footprint. Registration Base VP 771G-4RM-1. VP 771HAM-1. Magnetic Bead Separation Block for 96 well standard microplates with flat-, round- or V-bottom wells. Red anodized aluminum magnet frame. SBS footprint

  • MyMag™ 96 Magnetic Separation Plate For Extraction

    MyMag™ 96 Magnetic Plate (96 microplate format) is designed to simplify the manual processing of magnetic bead separations for nucleic acid purification and clean up. The use of magnetic separation devices is essential in any

  • Axygen IMAG Handheld Magnetic Beads Separation

    The IMAG MSDs, in their tube or microplate formats, are designed to simplify the manual processing of magnetic bead based separation applications including: nucleic acid purification and clean up; cell based assays; and antibody and protein purification. Accommodate single tube or 96 well microplate

  • For Use With (Application): Nucleic Acid purification and clean up, cell based assays, Antibody and Protein purification
  • Microtiter Plate Magnetic Separator RayBiotech

    A magnetic separation device designed to hold and separate microtiter plates. The one-piece unit consists of an array of 24 powerful rare earth magnetic rods that fit between the wells of a 96-well microtiter plate, allowing the separation of particles to the side of the wells for more efficient washing and separation.

  • Reflex Industries INC Unique Products for the Diagnostic,

    2020-06-07· Quanti-Seals™ MicroPlate Sealing Adhesive Film. Provides an air-tight seal for MicroPlates. Custom Dried Blood Standards and Controls (Dried Blood Spots on Filter Paper) Contact Us. I-Bind™ RadioIodine Decontamination Fluid. Magnetic Separation Rack for MicroPlates. Top Magnetic Separator for VACUUMLESS Assays/Washes

  • Reflex Industries INC Unique Products for the Diagnostic,

    2020-06-07· Quanti-Calibrators, for checking I-125 and Co-57 Daily Performance on Gamma Counters, Magnetic Separator MicroPlates, I-Bind Decontamination Fluid / Cleaning Agent, Dried Blood Spots, Guthrie Cards, MicroPlate Seals, usa

  • magnetic separation device for 96 well icroplates

    We have magnetic separation device for 96 well icroplates,The EpiMag HT 96Well Magnetic Separator is a magnetic stand magnetic rack that allows paramagnetic bead precipitation of liquid samples from various flatbottom or Ubottom 96well microplates we recommend our EpiMag 96Well Microplates for ideal compatibility It can be used for isolation and purification of nucleic acids and

  • BILATEST™ magnetic separator M96 for 96 well plates

    BILATEST™ magnetic separator M96 for 96 well plates; find Sigma-Z662429 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich.

  • US5779907A Magnetic microplate separator Google

    An apparatus for immunoassay using a 96-well microplate includes a mechanism for supporting the microplate in a relatively fixed position, a magnetic microplate assembly containing multiple cylindrical magnets positioned in 4×6 arrays for insertion from the bottom of the microplate in the spaces between the wells of the microplate, and a device for moving the magnet microplate assembly

  • Axygen AxyPrep Magnetic Bead Corning Inc.

    Axygen IMAG Magnetic Separation Devices (MSD) and AxyPrep Magnetic Bead Purification Kits cut the total separation process and labor by up to 50%. IMAG MSDs are available in tube (IMAG-12T) or 96 well microplate format (IMAG-96P). They enable manual users to process any magnetic beads-based purification or clean-up process as easily and

  • Hand-Held Magnetic Plate Washer Thermo Fisher

    The Hand-Held Magnetic Plate Washer is designed for use with the ProcartaPlex assay configured for magnetic separation. The handheld magnetic separator enables you to remove the liquid contents of the 96-well plate by simply decanting or flicking the contents

  • Microplate magnetic chemiluminescence immunoassay

    The microplate magnetic technologies were rarely reported (21,37,38) and even few applications were found for the detection of survivin. Here in this study, streptavidin MPs were used as separation reagents, combined with the magnetic separation device, greatly simplifying the separation procedure.

  • Magnetic Bead Extractor for 96 Well Microplates YouTube

    2013-11-21· When dipped into the source plate, the magnetic beads are attracted to the pins and stick to the outside of the PCR plate's wells. The large surface area and strong 52 MGO NdFeB magnetic pins

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  • 96-Well Microtiter Plate Magnetic Separation Rack 96

    The orientation of the magnetic field ensures complete removal of the magnetic beads from solution during pipetting steps, minimizing sample loss. 96-Well Microtiter Plate Magnetic Separation Rack NEB's Magnetic Separation Racks are now available in five sizes: 2, 6 or 12 (1.5 ml) tubes, 4 (50 ml) tubes and a 96-well microplate.

  • Magnetic bead separation with HydroFlex™ microplate

    2012-06-18· The HydroFlex microplate washer is a truly flexible plate washer that provides excellent automated microplate strip washing and vacuum filtration performance for 96-well microplate formats.

  • 作者: Tecan